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My highest priority is my relationship with God. More specifically, my priorities are going to church and Bible study, praying, and reading and studying the Bible. My relationship with God always is my highest priority. I must make sure that I am keeping up with the faith.

Another priority, though not as important as my relationship with God, is exercising. This can mean either playing a sport or working out. Typically, tennis is my go-to for exercising, since tennis is my favorite sport. This is a priority for me because it is healthy physically, spiritually, and mentally.

My next highest priority is work. I am a freelance writer and associate product developer. They aren't full-time jobs, but they are both important to me since they are a big help in my writing journey and they are how I make money.

Looking for a job is my next highest priority. I graduated from college, so now I have to find a full-time job so that I can make the school payments.

Journaling is my next highest priority. Journaling is something that I have been doing since elementary school, so I would say that it is a part of me at this point. I have journaled for more than half of my entire life so far, and I do not plan on stopping. I like to keep record of things that happen in my life, especially the important things that I want to remember.

My next highest priority is blogging and updating my website. I think it is necessary to write consistently and have a good-looking website in order to become a novelist.

My other priorities are reading a book, working on my story, and playing a video-game.

To become an effective Christian writer, I would still keep my priorities the same for the most part. My relationship with God will help me become a stronger Christian. Work, job searching, journaling, and blogging and updating my website will help me become a stronger writer. After that, my current list of priorities is already set up to help me become a better writer for the most part.

Do you feel like your priorities will help you achieve your goals?

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