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4th Grade Book Project

I was in fourth grade the first time I knew I was a writer. In fourth grade I had started to enjoy reading, since I found books that were actually good. So, I read obsessively. Many times, teachers took away my books since I would be reading them during class lectures. These books certainly inspired me.

At the end of fourth grade, in reading class, I was assigned a book project, in which I had to write a story. I did not know what to write. So, I wrote a story that was a complete rip-off of an episode of a TV show that I liked. It was kind of fun, but I was not proud of the fact that it was almost a direct copy of something I had already seen. The story was maybe six pages long. It was two days before the project was due when I finished writing the story.

That night, the night that I finished writing the story for the book project, I had an amazing dream. It was one of the best dreams I had had up to that point in my life. The dream was full of fun, action, danger, and adventure. It had a clear plot. It fit the traditional story structure.

So, when I got up the next morning, the day before the project was due, I wrote a different story than the one I had already written. I wrote about my dream. This time, I had much more fun writing.

When the story was done, it was twice as long as the one I had written the day before. At the end of the book, I wrote an “about the author” page. On this page, I wrote that I wanted to be an author when I grew up. I got a perfect score on the project. Writing the story for this book project is when I knew for the first time that I was a writer.

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